Terms and Conditions for on-line sales

LIKE INTERNATIONAL  hereafter known as « 5B2B »

Adress : 14, rue Réaumur 75003 PARIS, FRANCE

Phone : +33 1 43 31 12 08 


Article 1 : Placing orders

Our prices and product offerings are valid only on our inventories that are in-stock.

Available inventory shown on-line are approximate and for reference only, due to technical constraints.

The selected items, quantity and method of payment will be confirmed before the order is processed.


Article 2 : Prices

- Prices are in Euros .

- The Value Added Tax (VAT) is at the French legal rate. VAT is not added for European or overseas shipments.

- Other currencies are accepted for payment, however 5B2B will not bear any FOREX risk.  The exchange rate will be determined by the date on which the order is confirmed.


Article 3 : Order

a)  When placing an order, the customer is responsible for the accuracy and the reliability of the informations entered.

b)  In case of a wrong address,  5B2B shall not be held responsible for any delivery error.

c)  5B2B reserves its right to reject orders on reasonable grounds and according to the Law.

d)  Order will be processed after corresponding payment is received.

e)  Once the order is placed, the customer will receive a confirmation email which summarizes the key informations of the order.

f) In case of any backorders, 5B2B will issue a credit note or a reimbursement.  Any remaining open orders will be closed.


Article 4 : Payment

- Payment can be made through  credit card, check, Bank transfer, COD (in France only),  Paypal, upon  goods withdrawal or at the negotiated terms if the customer has a previously established credit line with 5B2B and without overdue invoice.

- Order will be processed after payment is received or verified by the on-line transaction facility.

- In case of a returned check, the customer will be charged all associated bank fees.


Article 5 : Delivery

- Delivery fees in France and Europe are calculated according to weight, volume and forwarder.

- Delivery lead time depends on the products order, mode of transportation and the destination. On average, the estimated lead time is between 5 and 8 days. In case of any shipment delays that are beyond 5B2B’s Control, the order will remain valid and no compensation will be issued by 5B2B.

Our goods are being sent under incoterm EXW.


Article 6 : Warranties and claims

- In case of missing or damaged products, you must notify 5B2B in written by way of registered letter with proof of receipt within 48 hours after uncovering the issue.

- In case of product latent or visible defect, our warranty is strictly limited to replacing it against another one in its initial condition.

- Plating, inserting and craftsmanship defects are covered by this limited warranty

- Breeches, stone damages, scratches and any consequences of misuse are not covered and won't be compensated



Article 7 : Goods return

- All returned goods transport fees are at your expenses.

- Products must be in their original packing and conditions and must come with invoice

- Products' return to 5B2B is a prerequisite for any claim or warranty be considered by 5B2B


Article 8 : Title retention

The goods sold shall  remain as 5B2B's property until paid in full.  The customer is not entitled to the full ownership of the goods before the final payment in full even if the goods are in the customers possession.

Should the customer refuses to return any items that are not paid in full,  5B2B will file a notice and cancel the sale.  At which time 5B2B will start the legal proceeding to claim the goods back.   Any deposit paid will be forfeited to 5B2B's to cover any monetary damages, as well as any legal and reclaimation costs. This Title retention clause, however, does not in any way release the customer of any liabilitiies and risks that arise when taking possession of the products.


Article 9 :  Force Majeure

5B2B can not be held responsible for any delivery delays due to events beyond their reasonable control.

Any party struck by Force Majeure must inform the other party within 10 days of uncovering the case.

Shall such a situation last more than 2 months , either party has the option to cancel the order without any penalties or liabilities.


Article 10 : Data protection and Privacy

You are entitled to access  and change your personal data anytime.

Customer informations are solely used by and for 5B2B, in order to process sales, orders, payments and deliveries.

All contents published on the www.5bagues2bouclesdor.com web domain, including any sub-domains and any alternate domain name that are used by 5B2B,  is copyrighted.  Any reproduction, even in part, of any elements of this web site without the prior written authorization of 5B2B  is illegal (article L 122.4 of French intellectual property Law).

5B2B sales support material may only be used to sell or promote 5B2B products.


Article 11 : Confidentiality

Information published on 5B2B.fr are confidential and can't be communicated in any way to third parties without 5B2B's written consent. Are considered third parties any individual who is not belonging to your corporation and any other company. Our products' design, these T&C and your pricing conditions are strictly confidential . Your access login is personal and can't be shared with other parties.

Please note that 5B2B product references can not be used outside the relationship between 5B2B and the customer


Article 12 : Litigation, applicable right

These T&C are protected under French Law. In case of any dispute, the 5B2B and the customer mutually agree to seek arbitration first.  If case that the dispute could not be resolved by arbitration, the French Commerical Court of Paris shall have sole jurisdiction over the dispute.


Article 13 : Validity and Independence Clause

This T&C does not affect the customers legal rights.

Should one clause within these T&C become invalid,  the other clauses shall remain in force. 

These T&C should prevail against any other document, including the customer's purchasing conditions